Transitioning Saves Lives Enamel Pin

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This hard enamel pin measures 49mm at its largest point and affixes at the back with a rubber clasp.

Easy and affordable access to gender-affirming care is one of many ways trans people can alleviate dysphoria and increase gender euphoria. Going on hormones is an incredibly important aspect of transitioning for a lot of people, as are surgeries.

Whilst these aren’t the only elements of transition (there’s also socially transitioning and changing one’s name for example) they’re the ones whose attainability are often the most difficult and expensive, as well as lengthy. They’re also the ones most under attack in many places across the world. Denying trans people access to transitioning-related healthcare will not cause people to say “Ah well, might as well just live as an inaccurate representation of myself!” it will cause unjust suffering and increase the percentages of trans people who attempt or succeed to take their own lives - this is not hyperbole or being dramatic, it is a cruel and easily preventable reality.

Being able to transition brings with it euphoria, comfort, self-love, and perhaps most importantly - hope. The idea that there’s a future for you and that you can truly embrace yourself in it.

Transitioning saves lives and the mere thought of someone being denied access to that opportunity is enough to bring about a deep sorrow and rage within me.

May this battle get easier for my trans siblings and may we all continue to ensure access to gender-affirming care is simple, free, and fast.