Time's Up For Transphobes Enamel Pin

£8.00 GBP - £9.00 GBP

As trans people get more attention in the press and on social media there’s also a hefty influx of transphobes and TERFs. If you have any kind of following online then all you have to do to get attention is to mention your hatred of trans people - half your interaction will be people agreeing with your vitriol and half will be trans folk and allies desperately trying to prove that trans people deserve better - and we do. There’ll always be transphobes - whether it’s edgy 14 year olds or grown adults writing about wizards, but they’ll shrink in numbers and in influence, they’ll have less impact when it comes to politics and laws, and the vast majority of people will look down on those who seek to harm or hate trans people. There’s a lot of transphobes out there, but there’s far more trans people and allies - we grow in number and in influence, whether we take to the streets or block laws from going through. Trans people will absolutely come out on top because there’s nothing bad whatsoever about being trans and there’s no goodness in the hearts of transphobes. Time is running out for them and it can’t come soon enough.

This hard enamel pin measures 49mm at its largest point and affixes at the back with a rubber clasp. As with all of my pins it comes with its own unique backing card.