Witches And Wizards Love Trans People Enamel Pin

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Like a lot of people I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, I was quite a weird kid and what was so comforting about them was the idea that it didn’t matter the family you were born into or the kind of person you were - you just needed to be your truest, most genuine self in order to find friends, family, and a future that you deserved and in this you can find the strength to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at you.

When The Sorting Hat was placed on Harry’s head he was assigned the house of Slytherin - when most people are assigned their house they stick with it, they’re comfortable with that placement but Harry was not, he knew he was supposed to be in Gryffindor. He was brave and confident enough to shun the path that was chosen for him and in this one act he was ready to live the life he knew he was supposed to.

When JK Rowling decided to speak out against trans women she not only hurt a generation of people who took comfort in the world she created but she went against the very thing her books claimed to preach, her words against trans people have been used by politicians, journalists, celebrities, and people across the world to justify anti-trans sentiments and propose transphobic laws.

Wizards, witches, and other magical beings have existed across cultures and countries for as far back as historians and anthropologists have studied, and any wizard or witch who doesn’t support trans people is not someone worth their title. Rowling doesn’t own witchcraft or wizardry and there’s a wonderful, magical world out there that exists far beyond anything she could imagine. Wizards and witches love trans people, they always have and they always will.

This hard enamel pin measures 39mm at its largest point and affixes at the back with a rubber clasp. As with all of my pins it comes with its own unique backing card.