Poppers Open Your Third Eye Large Vinyl Sticker

£2.00 GBP

Poppers have been a part of the gay scene for decades, a cultural phenomenon that’s followed us since the 70’s - in part for the way they help relax certain muscles to make certain acts a bit easier, and in another for the brief, warming headrush. Gay men weren’t the only people using poppers on the dance floor - disco enthusiasts also took a shine to them, but it was gay men who used them off the dance floor whether it was in bedrooms, bath houses, or whilst cruising outdoors. Many LGBT+ weeklies would have full page ads for poppers, brands like Rush or Bolt knew their market, and people would post Personals in the same magazines, the code word “aroma” used when people were looking to have fun with someone whilst using poppers. They have a long, deep history within the LGBT community and this piece pays homage to them, and I couldn’t resist the not-so-subtle pun. Poppers weren’t created by or for the queer community, but it’s us who made them into the cultural entity they are today - whether you take them or not, you can’t deny the mark they’ve left.

This large vinyl sticker measures 10cm at its largest point