Fight For Trans Rights Large Vinyl Sticker

£2.00 GBP

Trans people are out here fighting for our freedoms - the right to live our lives as our authentic selves and to not face discrimination or harmful repercussions as a result. And in all honesty, that's not a lot to ask for, so why is it so hard to achieve?

The fight for trans rights isn’t a new one, we’ve been working towards this for centuries - the language might change but the fight is the same. We’ve tried voting, rioting, writing to politicians, protesting, asking, reasoning, being angry, being calm. There’s no method we’re yet to exhaust and still we keep doing what we know is right and what we know is needed, and we aren’t done yet - we’ll keep fighting with or without allies until we get what’s owed to us.

This large vinyl sticker measures 10cm at its largest point