Deadnames Stay Dead Large Vinyl Sticker

£2.00 GBP

This large vinyl sticker measures 10cm at its largest point, is weatherproof and affixes to all smooth surfaces.

A common occurrence for trans people is deadnaming, wherein someone calls them by a previous/birth name that they no longer go by. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s a slip up.
The act of changing ones name is an important part of a lot of trans people’s lives, a step in the right direction for how they now exist in the world and require to be seen.
We understand that slip-ups are gonna happen and as long as you’re genuine in your apologies and in actively working towards changing your behaviour we’re not gonna be mad about it.

This is for people who intentionally deadname trans and non-binary people in order to make some kind of point, be transphobic, pretend they’re being put out by having to remember this change, or in an effort to hurt and demoralise. Deadnaming is shitty at best and violent or dangerous at its worst, the act of referring to someone by old names and pronouns can “out” a trans person in an unsafe situation or have a negative impact on their mental health.
Don’t deadname trans people. Even if you don’t like them. Even if they’re not your friend. It’s a deadname for a reason - it’s gone, it’s buried, it’s no longer reflective of the person you’re referring to.
On top of this, there’s absolutely no reason to know what a trans person’s name was “before”. We’re not stupid, you know you’re just gonna think “oh so she’s really XYZ” in an attempt to make us less legitimate or because you’re fascinated with the so-called trans narrative and see us as your personal storybook. You don’t need our old names.
Deadnames stay dead. It’s that simple.