Transitioning Is An Act Of Self Love Enamel Pin

£8.00 GBP - £9.00 GBP

Trans people don’t alter our appearances, take hormones, or have surgeries because we hate ourselves. We do it because we love ourselves. We are doing what is right for us in a world that tells us we are mentally ill, lying, attention-seeking, in a world that expects us to act or dress or look a certain way because of the genitals we were born with.

For all the hoops we jump through, all the ignorant medial personnel, all the friends and family lost - we’re doing it all in the name of self-love and that’s a phenomenal thing.

Transitioning looks different for every person - some of us change our names or go by different pronouns, some of us have surgery, take hormones, and some of us do all of that and more. There’s no wrong way to transition or be trans, if it makes us happier, or is part of a greater goal to reach that happiness then that’s all that matters.

This enamel pin measures 39mm at its largest point and affixes with two rubber clasps.