Trans Is Beautiful Enamel Pin

Sold out £8.00

There's no one way to be trans. There's no guidebook, no blueprints, no set formula - you get to decide how you express yourself and how you want to live.
But one thing is constant; Trans Is Beautiful.

The world can be a hateful place, and living as your true self in defiance of that is a wonderful thing, no matter the journey you took to get there. I wanted to have a pin with a simple and honest message, because trans IS beautiful and so are you.

This trans pride enamel pin measures 34mm x 39mm, it's durable and robust, and will attach to jackets, coats, hats, bags, guitar straps, shirts, or anywhere else you want to put it. It'll look great on you.
Inspired by the bright & vibrant colours of the 80s and 90s this pin is designed to stand out.

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