Sorry You're Cis Art Print


Far too many of my ideas come from wordplay. I’ll think of a phrase and then an image will form from that. I ended up on an internet rabbit hole looking at vintage “get well soon” cards and the phrase “sorry you’re sick”, naturally, comes up a lot. So that got morphed into “Sorry you’re cis” and this image was born.

Something trans people get told a lot is that we’re sick, “mentally ill”, or are “crazy”/“insane”. It gets pretty tedious hearing the same old nonsense so I’m playing on that idea but turning it on it’s head. After all, I think it’s pretty unhealthy to focus so much time and effort on anti-trans sentiments and actively trying to attack, hurt, and harm trans people.

This art print is A4, measuring 21.0cm x 29.7cm (8.27" x 11.69")