Scary Trans Person Button Badge


A button badge is a perfect accessory! It does a great job of expressing your message, views, and personality. So whether you wear one or loads at a time, I really wanted to make a range of buttons that describe You.

This trans pride button badge features the word "Scary Trans Person" encased in a bright heart and sat atop a pastel coloured trans flag. Sick of the media acting like all trans people are out to cause harm and havoc? So am I. So I made this button! It measures 32mm, and is made to last. Really show off your true colours with this button; attach it to jackets, bags, tees, hats, or anywhere else you can think of.

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As well as buttons which I designed myself I also have a range of remade vintage LGBT rights badges.

Consider the three button saver bundle here. where you can save a bit of money!