Ouijender Tee

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Let the spirits guide your gender 👻🖤
As a part of the spiritualist movement, mediums began to employ various means for communication with the dead, one of the most well-known was the spirit board, later to be named and recognised as the Ouija Board.

Some believe that a Ouija board, under the right circumstances, allows us to communicate with the dead; to contact loved ones and get answers we need to ground us or help us move on. Others say that the planchette, the tool used to spell out words, is guided not by the souls of those on other planes, but by unconscious muscular exertions and is little more than an interesting trick.

No matter which answer is correct the Ouija board has solidly implanted itself in the minds of those around the world and has been the catalyst for many supernatural films and stories. I’ve long been fascinated with the paranormal, and the idea that we can seek guidance from those who have passed. I don’t believe there’s much truth to it, but the idea is enough to pique and hold my interest. So I began thinking about what it would be like to have someone from the other side guide us when it came to understanding ourselves, or to understanding our gender identity. A lot of us find gender confusing or difficult to navigate, how easy would it be if the all-knowing and wise spirits were able to assist us?

The design on this shirt is screen-printed with gold ink, featuring the iconic Ouija board, a planchette featuring the trans symbol, and the words “let the spirit guide your gender”. It’s one of my favourite designs and I hope you love it too.

Chest sizing is as follows:
S - 32/34"
M - 36/38"
L - 40/42"
XL - 44/46"
XXL - 48/50”