My Sexual Preference Is Mutual Consent Holographic Square Art Print


Sexual consent must be freely given by all parties before anything sexual happens - this includes anything from sexting to sexual penetration and everything in between or beyond.

Sexual activities are only ever fun if everyone is happy and consenting - only ever fun if everyone is able to stop at any time without fear of being ignored.

I created this print to highlight an important message that needs repeating and never hurts to have a reminder of. Everyone can be at risk of unwanted sexual attention or contact, with women and girls being at a disproportionately high level of risk. It’s so vital to note that no matter what someone is wearing or drinking, no matter if they’re a sex worker or if you’ve had sex with them before - consent must be consciously and completely given before anything of a sexual nature happens.

This is a 21x21cm heavyweight square print on a gorgeous holographic background. It’s ready to be framed or displayed however you see fit - I personally think it looks best where it can catch the light and reflect onto the surfaces around it.