Lesbian Labrys Pride Flag Enamel Pin


This Pride pin is for all Lesbians. The Labrys symbol was a part of the earliest known lesbian pride flag, it is a symbol of lesbian and feminist strength and self-sufficiency as well as an indication of lesbian independence.

For this pin I went with the raised fist symbol, as this is an icon of The People, having its roots with The Industrial Workers of the World who were formed in Chicago. This symbol has been used by oppressed groups all around the planet for over a century - from the Black Pride movement, to feminist organisations, to those protesting how their government treats them its a true testament to how resilient and powerful people can be when they have pride and love for what they believe in and know to be true.

I designed this Lesbian Pride pin in 2019, following on from the love I received in regards to my Trans Pride pin and have since created a number of other LGBT pride flags in the same style. This pin measures 34mm and affixes to all suitable fabrics such as hats, jackets, shirts, and bags.
Choose from either the pin by itself, or paired with a matching sticker.

I am aware of the recent attempts by TERFs and transphobes to try and claim this flag as theirs, but I would like to make transphobes and trans-exclusionary folk aware that this shop is owned and run by a trans man and 10% of the profits from this pin will be going to a trans-inclusive LGBT charity so your money will be going directly to trans people.

As with all my items I ship worldwide and always combine postage.

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