Gay Liberation Now Enamel Pin


Gay liberation and gay pride go hand-in-hand. Our existence as gay people is followed and dogged by politics and laws, and by people trying to keep us down, silence us, and erase us.
But for every one person trying to get rid of us, there's hundreds working against that.

This pin is for everyone who helped us get to where we are, and for everyone helping us still. Knowing LGBT history is vital to protecting us and carrying us forward. We have a long way to go for equal rights and treatment and we will keep fighting for it and demanding it until it is a reality.

Gay liberation now. It's that simple.

This gay pride pin is bright, vibrant and durable. It's going to look great on you; on your jacket, your coat, your bag, shirt, hat, guitar strap, or anywhere else you want to put it, its 34mm and inspired by the boldness of the 80s and 90s.

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