Gay Icon Enamel Pin

Sold out £8.00 GBP - £9.00 GBP

Going off the Christian definition of an icon, you’re faced with the concept of someone being so holy or important that they’re represented in the form of a painting. Going off the more generic definition we’re talking about anyone whose status is legendary, important, influential, or “iconic”. We’re constantly seeing people described as gay icons - either because they’re gay and hugely important (think Freddie Mercury or James Baldwin) or because of the impact they’ve had on the LGBT+ community (like Madonna or Cher).

There’s an icon in all of us and we deserve to celebrate that, so this design combines the two definitions - mixing religious iconography with queerness, because what’s more holy than being your trust, most beautifully gay self?

This hard enamel pin measures 49mm at its largest point and affixes at the back with two rubber clasps. As with all of my pins it comes with its own unique backing card.