Estrogen Tee

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Being able to finally medically transition can often be invaluable and there was such a great sense of euphoria as I had my first shot of testosterone. There's a similar consensus amongst those who wish to take estrogen, it's such a pivotal point in trans people's lives when we finally get access to the medicine we see as live-saving.
Not every trans woman or nonbinary person wants to go on estrogen, and yknow what? That's perfectly fine! It isn't a necessity! But for people who see it as invaluable, this tee is for you.

I created this design to mimic old school tattoos, it treats a bottle of estrogen like a religious artefact, adorning it in a halo and laying flowers at its base. The vial of the life-saving medicine is identified by the chemical formula for estradiol (estrogen steroid hormone and the major female sex hormone) printed on its label.

The design is printed on 100% cotton black tees. You have a choice of the classic T-shirt cut, or a fitted cut.
Chest sizing is as follows:

S - 32/34"
M - 36/38"
L - 40/42"
XL - 44/46”
XXL - 48"/50"
XXXL - 52"/54"

S - 32"
M - 34"
L - 37"
XL 39"