Avenge Oscar Wilde Enamel Pin

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When Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for gross indecency there was no secret as to what this meant. He was to be sentenced for two years for the crime of existing as a homosexual.

Upon his release in 1897 it took 70 more years until homosexuality was legalized in The UK, but this didn't prevent homophobic crimes and attitudes from being abundant in society, even in the present year it is a danger that LGBTQ+ people are still at risk from.

Voices like Wilde's provide hope and comfort for those of us within queer communities, influencing fellow artists who continue to speak for those among us who cannot.

Wilde's fall from grace was significant and monumental. He was an open and honest creator who, despite his candidness, was still unable to discuss his sexuality in his prose or poetry; to do so would be detrimental.

The treatment of Oscar Wilde and people like him is not something we should ever forget. Our open existence as queer people proves how far societal attitudes and laws have come. Living as our true selves is just one way we can try and avenge Oscar Wilde and I created this pin to remind us of the journey we've been on and the paths we still have to travel. It’s 34mm and comes to you on a themed backing card.